Spring time and new/old blog....

Lilacs in black and White

As you may have noticed it's thinly between the posts in this blog.
That's because I'm here more and more nowadays.
In my 'mixed' blog with interior design, some fashion, DIY and my photographs of course ..

This blog is -not closed -but not so actively updated right now.
So I hope to see you in Linneas Atelje Magazine instead.

As an old photo

 As an old photo..
When do you think this photo was taken?
A couple of years ago by me in Gothenburg..
My attempt has been to make it look like the 60's or 70's.
 I have managed   'smile'

Vintage camera

I love old vintage cameras.
This particular is very special to me because it belonged to my grandfather.
Many family photos are taken with this one so it's a bit of history for me.

New facebook header

Hi :) Now a new look on facebook....
I lay more and more of my time on photographing.
so what could be better than a camera in the header?

Black & White

Stylish and beautiful, soft and lace.

Afternoon light

Afternoon light from an old window.
Who wouldn't want to sit there with a hot cup of tea?

Vintage ....

   I just love all these lovely old things....
<3 Linnea